Photo credit: Leila Tolderlund. All three teams with Dr. Jenkins and Leila Tolderlund.

CAP+CEAS Solar+Green Roof team wins best Senior Design in Cross-disciplinary category

Landscape Architecture (MLA) students from the College of Architecture and Planning and Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering (senior) students from the College of Engineering and Applied Science developed integrated system prototypes to investigate the symbiotic relationship between green roofs and solar PV panels to optimize biodiversity, habitat and PV production.  


2015 – and ongoing (Although this is from 2015 – this issue has become very relevant to the current passing of the green roof ordinance (Oct 29th 2018) that calls for green roofs and solar requirements for all new and future replacement roofs in Denver. (also: link to pod-cast:




Background: The class was co-taught by Dr. Peter Jenkins (CEAS) and Senior Instructor Leila Tolderlund (CAP) with support from Electrical Engineering faulty Associate Professor Fernando Mancilla-David and Civil Engineering faculty Professor James C. Y. Guo.

(photo credit: Leila Tolderlund): Matthew Roth (Landscape Architecture, MLA) (on the left), Abdullah Alhumam (Mechanical Engineering senior student) and Abdulrahim Yaslam (Electrical Engineering) with his back to the camera.

Picutred is former Chancellor Jerry Wartgow talking to Leila Tolderlund and the team that actually won the competition: Becky Bachman (Mechanical Engineering), Lia Marino, Jessi Santos, Doung Vue, Yeekeng Vue and Chelsea Starr (Mechanical Engineering), Zeyad Alyamp and Benjamin Telthorst (Electrical Engineering) and Lauren Leskovac (MLA)

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