Green Wall + Re-Purposed Tin Can Lid Art Wall Root Down

Denver International Airport Living Wall, Denver, Colorado, USA
Demonstrates innovative and pioneering strategies for living architecture - located right where the inside meets the outside; where landscape becomes architecture; and where city becomes nature. The Root Down DIA Living Wall features a design theme of the setting sun for airport travelers and provides moments of relief, wonder and contemplation during travels. This project demonstrates exciting potentials for transition zones where vertical landscape can help thicken, activate, and grown living systems to maximize social, environmental and economic benefits. Social benefits: People love being near this green wall. Restaurant visitors want to sit near it, takes pictures of it and the local restaurant employees also enjoy it on a daily basis. Environmental benefits: The green wall cleans the air and irrigation water from the wall is reused in the planter below reduce water-use. Economic benefits: People want to dine near the green wall. The boots adjacent to the green wall are always booked. Re-use of materials: The restaurant saved tin-can lids for 3-4 months for the art work created in-between the living modules. Asking restaurant personnel to save tin-can lids over several months generated education about the re-use of materials and this project is a built testimony to the power of elegance associated with re-purposing and re-valuing a rather unique materials combined with a living systems. Funding: Professional practice funded by client